Sunday, November 1, 2009

Green for State Treasurer

Cal Skinner has a nice article on McHenry County Blog this morning about Scott Summers, Green Party candidate for Illinois State Treasurer. You can read it at

I met Scott about ten days ago, and I urge your attention to his candidacy. It's time to break the gridlock that the Republicans and Democrats have on elected positions!

And read this morning's Associated Press article entitled "3rd-party challenges are warning sign." While the article focuses on New York and New Jersey races, the ground swell is nationwide.

On an almost-daily basis people are asking me, "What is the Green Party?" The short answer is, "It's a national political party and one of the three established political parties in Illinois." You can read the Green Party platform at, and you can read the Illinois Green Party platform at

This is the year to vote for the candidate, not a party.

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