Monday, November 23, 2009

Red Light Camera Example

A letter to the editor in yesterday's Northwest Herald provides convincing proof that red-light cameras do work and that they do identify violators.

Ajjanpur Balachandra of Algonquin wrote to complain about a $100 ticket issued to him in West Dundee. In his long protest, I failed to read where he indicated that he had stopped for the red light. He was kind enough to provide the place where you can watch the video of his violation.

Notice Number: 1702200058948056
License Plate: 8917128

Watch his vehicle in the right lane as he rolls up to a traffic light that had been red for more than 10 seconds. He slows and then rolls through his right turn without stopping. He didn't even come close to stopping, unless you count rolling at 10-15MPH as "stopping"!

Maybe fines should be doubled for drivers who clearly violated the law and then go to court to protest their tickets!

If you want to watch this video, you'd better hurry. It might be removed after his payment is credited or the November 25 respond-by date passes.


The Madd Bulldog said...

It's not about safety... it's all about da munnie!!!!

Gus said...

TMB, wish I could agree but, if the yellow light is timed correctly, I see these cameras as unbiased and valuable enforcement tools.

The Madd Bulldog said...

I know... I know... you're a stickler for traffic enforcement. I just dont think they're a safety device... just a cash register..cha-ching!
Hope da camera doesnt catch me taking a taste outta my 40 ouncer! DOH!

Stingray said...

But people are starting to slam on their brakes when the lights turn yellow afraid to go through. So how are these cameras any safer? I agree with Bulldog, these cameras may have been developed with safety in mind but now they are just money makers.

ace said...

I've seen you do much worse but you wont say a word about it.

ace said...

You've done something very similar but you wont admit it.