Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Read all about it! not Tows R Us

You've got to read the great stories about the woman whose car was towed from the parking lot of Flowerwood. You know, there on U.S. 14 right at Route 176? Near that infamous corner where Wayne picketed Viking Dodge for two years. Go to Cal Skinner's blog at

A regular customer of Flowerhood shopped at Flowerwood a week ago but didn't find anything to buy that day. Before leaving the parking lot, she pulled over close to McDonald's and went in to use the restroom. When she came out, her car was gone!

Stolen? No. Towed by the contracted tow company, ACM Recovery, of Wauconda.

Now, you and I probably have the same (low) opinion of those guys who prowl parking lots and hook cars within seconds of being parked. It turns out that the tow truck driver used a spotter in a different vehicle. HE was probably sitting in the Flowerwood parking lot! Was he a customer?

Anyway, a sheriff's deputy responded to the woman's 911 call.

You can read the whole story on Cal's blogger. Do it. I can hardly wait for the ending and to find out whether she got her car unhooked and back under her control without parting with the $165 demanded by the tow truck driver.

Do you think Flowerhood will lose her business for hiring such a tow company that would grab her car so fast, tow it across the street and then demand $165 for a half-block tow? It has already cost them my business, not there was any, anyway. But there surely will not be.

If Flowerwood has a problem with non-customer parking, then the manager should phone for a tow. Contracting with a tow company and authorizing them to yank cars without further authorization is unconscionable.

Care to express your opinion to the manager or owner of Flowerwood? Here's the number: (815) 459-6200. Flowerwoods' website at announces that its new owners are Diane and Tim James. You can email them at

Wow! What a way to make an impression on customers!!!


Whitmore2 said...

I know, I can hardly wait for the final installment of this saga myself. And the next time I need flowers, I won't be going there.

LTA25 said...

I work across the street from Flowerwood and we have see that tow truck ALOT lately. They have nebbed a ton of people. They are definitely shady.

Kyle S. said...

I just sent an e-mail to them telling them I will not be shopping there ever again. Yes, I have gone there in the past.

DownByTheRiver said...

As they say, BUH-BYE! Flowerwood!

You won't see me ever again!

Karen12359 said...

It's not just Flowerwood being scumbags here ... it's the towing company as well.
Flowerwood used to be a nice place to shop.
Countyrside is far better. Their sales staff are friendly and helpful, their delivery people are awesome.
Why the hell anyone would go to Flowerwood when they hire greedy thugs to pounce on cars and hold them for ransom (170.00 + daily storage)?
Buying plants, flowers and gifts aren't necessary items, and I suggest they kick the thugs back to Wauconda and rethink how they treat people. This is already a P.R. nightmare they may not survive at this point.