Monday, November 23, 2009

BOFPC cancels Dec. 7 meeting

The City has posted a cancellation of the December 7th quarterly Regular Meeting of the Woodstock Board of Fire and Police Commissioners.

This would likely mean there are no disciplinary issues (five days or more), terminations, hirings or legal actions involving police officers or the department.

According to the website information about this Board, it is to meet quarterly. Last year a problem arose because the Board apparently did not submit its 2009 calendar of meetings to the City Manager's office. As I recall, there was a delay in approving Minutes that contained the meeting schedule.

This year they won't have that problem, because they haven't had a meeting to approve the 2010 schedule. But that presents another problem, because their meetings are to be included in the annual calendar of meetings to be announced by the City.

This problem could be solved by establishing a regular meeting schedule that would survive year-end, such as deciding that the BOFPC would meet on the first Monday of March, June, September and December, if it's preferable to state the months.

The BOFPC does not meet only "as needed". Since the website information informs the public that it meets quarterly, then it needs to announce its meeting schedule. Let's hope it avoids repeating last year's problem.

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