Monday, November 23, 2009

Tollway to correct speed limit sign

Last week I wrote about the 55MPH speed limit posted on the Illinois Tollway I-90 westbound from Randall Road. I had been surprised by the 55MPH sign where there had been a 65MPH sign in the recent past.

I wrote to the Tollway and today received this reply:

"Thank you for your e-mail. The Maintenance and Traffic Operations division investigated your concern and the signage will be updated to reflect the speed limit to be 65 mph. We appreciate your interest and concern and again thank you for your e-mail."

I was reminded of an eastbound 55MPH speed limit from IL 47 when I first began using the Tollway in 1997. I entered the Tollway from IL 47 and, shortly after, was passed by a long string of cars, including an Illinois State Police trooper, all of whom appeared to be traveling at least 65MPH.

Being a stickler for police obeying the speed limits, I called the ISP district office. They informed me that the speed limit there was 65MPH. "Not when there is a big regulatory 55MPH sign," was my response. They did some checking and learned that the 55MPH sign had been posted during prior roadwork and had never been removed.

So, when you see signs that don't appear to be correct, take action. Phone or email and request that someone check it out.

My thanks to the Tollway for its prompt reply and action to correct the signing error.

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