Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veterans Day

Today remember the veterans who have served. As you move throughout the day, watch for the flags at half-staff and pause to think what the lowered flag represents. And what it meant to those who gave their lives for this great country.

The day is recognized on November 11 as a national and a state holiday. Financial institutions are closed, but schools are open. Woodstock District 200 schools were closed on Monday as part of a 3 1/2-school day closing that started with parent-teacher conferences scheduled last Wednesday and Thursday. Friday may have been an in-service day and last Monday may have been the Veterans' Day-celebrated closure, but you would never know it from the school calendar. So maybe it wasn't that.

I'll long remember the Veterans' Day program at Northwood Middle School (Woodstock, Ill.), because my stepson's grandfather was recognized as the senior military officer in McHenry County. That was 2000 or 2001, and he wore his military uniform and insignia of rank to the program that day. He never spoke of his military duty during the six years it was my privilege to know him. He served as a doctor in various overseas locations in World War II and was in general medical practice in Woodstock for 50 years.

As you drive by a lowered flag today, pull in a stop for a few minutes. Reflect on what it means to stand up for your country and, if necessary, to die for it. If you have kids in the car, discuss the meaning of Veterans Day.

According to an article on Frank Buckles of West Virginia is, at age 108, the last living American who served in World War I.


Curious1 said...

Echoing a big THANK YOU to all veterans.

Kyle S. said...

I work for a company that has a contract with the City of Chicago. I'm a veteran and I got a furlough day for Veterans Day to help the City save money. Nice...take the off, a day that honors your service, but We won't pay you either. I'd rather be at work; Like I have been since I joined the work force after school.