Thursday, November 12, 2009

Car on the tow hook? Will she get it or not?

Yesterday I wrote about the great articles on Cal Skinner's McHenry County Blog about a woman customer at Flowerwood in Crystal Lake, who left her car in the Flowerwood parking lot to use a restroom at McDonald's. When she returned her car had been towed and the tow truck driver was demanding $165 to give her car back to her?
Did she get it? Did she have to pay $165? Will she ever shop at Flowerwood again?

Go and read the ending at

Thanks for the McHenry County Sheriff's Department who went out of his way to prevent World War III. The State's Attorney's Office is offering a seminar on civil laws, or maybe it already has. Did he attend that class? If not, get him there to teach him.

Anyone know who the deputy on that call was?
Maybe Flowerwood ought to change their sign out front to read, "We apologize to Peg McHugh".


Whitmore2 said...

Countryside is an *excellent* florist. Take your business there, as will Peg.

Anonymous said...

They tried towing my rust-bucket once... when they lifted the rear end, the whole bumper fell off. The boyz apoligized and wanted to know if I needed it fixed. I sain "nah" and just settled up with a beer. Doh.