Saturday, November 7, 2009

Donations to detainees

The following explanation of the donation program for the benefit of detainees in the McHenry County Jail was received from Dave, of the Secular Franciscan Order.

"The Jail Ministry of McHenry County is focused on the strangers from around the world, the unknown refugees and asylum seekers fleeing from despots. They are being housed here in our County Jail by Immigration Control Enforcement pending a review of their cases to authenticate credibility of their claims. Another group are folks who were legal (some for many, many years) until the recent passage of the Patriot Act by which Geoge Bush made them illegal by the stroke of a pen. None of the souls we minister to are serving a sentence!

"Inmates are serving sentences and generally have local families, friends, and clergy they can turn to for support. There are a number of programs for them. So, while they are worthy of prayers and thoughtful consideration, they are not part of our jail ministry. We work with the forgotten strangers to our land."

See also the good article by Cal Skinner on about the work of this organization.

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