Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Healthcare program - a good deal?

If you have been wondering whether the new healthcare program is a good deal, read this Wall Street Journal article from last Sunday.

I'll have to admit that I haven't been paying much attention to it. Now I am, for whatever good that will do. The article describes it as a "1990-page runaway train." WSJ calls it "The Worst Bill Ever."


Richard W Gorski, M.D. said...

The Declaration of Independence was one page long; the Constitution of the U.S. about 12-13 pages long. Common sense tells me a bill 2000 pages long and still counting is bad, bad, bad. A "Philadelphia lawyer" probably could not understand the whole thing and that means the government can interpret and apply it as it wishes...could it be to get even more control over another aspect of your life.

David J. Bachmann said...

Doc wrote: A "Philadelphia lawyer" probably could not understand the whole thing ...

I've dealt with lots of them Doc, and for well over $1,000 per hour, they will figure it out.. after LOTS of 'booked' hours of course! :)

I can only speak from my experience with 'government' provided health care, medicare in particular.

I've had 17 major surgeries...(one was a 12 hour deal due to cancer back in 2002) the others were due to accidents of one sort or another.

I have Never been declined for any 'requested' proceedures. Never declined 'any' physician requested 'tests.'

I have to say, Ive been blessed with some of the finest doctors our country has.. at the 'best' medical facilites 'all over' this nation....

Medicare strictly speaking from a patient standpoint, for me personally, has saved my life... more than once...

Why are those in 'power' beating this thing to death... Why don't they 'work' off the medicare formulations already in place..

Probably because if they did that, they couldnt 'sneak' in 'pet projects' I suppose.

But I can only say my personal experience with the Medicare Federal Health Insurance, Parts A and B.. have been very well managed and the care I have received has been outstanding.

And Gus.... your getting grey in that beard buddy... might start looking at this closely??? Age before beauty... well, we now have the 'age' advantage :)