Thursday, November 26, 2009

Time to buy a scale

After hauling in this morning's newspaper, I decided it's time to buy a scale.

I think today's paper in Woodstock set a record for the number and size of advertising supplements and weight. I don't recall a year when the paper contained so many desperate pleas for my spending dollars. Don't the merchants know that I am turned off by their attempts to out-do one another with the lowest-ever pricing and the "Limit 1" restrictions?

Right in the middle was a slick paper ad for Sam's Club, which was the first Sam's Club ad I've seen in the newspaper. Admittedly, I don't look for ads, either the ones that are there or the ones that aren't.

I noticed "two" papers at my door this morning and felt sorry for the Northwest Herald carrier. It wasn't bad enough that he delivered the paper itself at 4:55AM, but he also had to drop the bundled sack of advertising circulars, which was larger and heavier than the paper itself.

I wonder ... do carriers get paid extra for the added work?

Next year I'll leave a sign out with an arrow pointing to the dumpster. He can just put the advertising in there and save me a trip.

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