Monday, November 30, 2009

Four officers killed

On Sunday morning four officers of the Lakewood, Washington, Police Department were shot and killed in a Parkland coffee shop south of Tacoma.

This is a grim reminder of the danger of work in law enforcement. The officers were reportedly in the coffee shop before the beginning of their shifts and working on laptops - a place where officers would not expect to be attacked.

Maurice Clemmons (photo), 37, a repeat offender, is wanted in the murders of the four officers. His photo is buried in the online articles of The News Tribune and not even shown on the homepage of the online paper.

The story can be followed in an area newspaper, The News Tribune, at


Gus said...

Suspected killer of cops Maurice Clemmons was shot early this morning in Seattle and died from the wounds.

The Madd Bulldog said...

Did it really matter that it was 4 cops executed? Would it have made a diff if it were 4 citizens... or 4 cretins like me?
I bet all the prosecuters and defense lawyers are all very dissappointed they wont have a crack at this guy in the courtroom... they would have loved to have been paid with our tax dollars. Doh.