Monday, November 23, 2009

Complaints Filed Against Sheriff Keith Nygren

The following press release was received from Citizens for Zane Seipler, which can be contacted by email at and by telephone at (847) 561-1180.

Press Release

Complaints Filed Against Sheriff Keith Nygren

November 23, 2009- This release is to inform members of the media that I have filed complaints with the McHenry County State’s Attorney, Attorney General, and the Illinois State Board of Election regarding Sheriff Keith Nygren’s campaign tactics. I had a meeting with the State’s Attorney’s office earlier this month. Beginning in August and continuing through November, I have spoken at length with investigators from the Attorney General’s Office and the State Board of Elections. The following incidents and events were of primary concern:
1) Sheriff Nygren is using his official letterhead and star logo on campaign letters and flyers.
2) On October 11th, 2007, I was a candidate for promotion and while on duty attending a SWAT training session, I was approached and encouraged to attend a fundraiser for State’s Attorney candidate, Dan Regna, by Detective Greg Pyle. Detective Pyle told me “It would be good for my career” if I attended the event. He then handed me a flyer for the fundraiser. Detective Pyle made this statement to several other deputies; Detective Pyle was promoted shortly thereafter.
3) On August 31, 2009, a McHenry County citizen, Keith Simpson, was harassed and humiliated at the McHenry County Courthouse by deputies. Mr. Simpson’s personal belongings were seized unjustly. The belongings in question were political business cards with my contact information on them. Mr. Simpson was told by deputies that the cards were “paraphernalia” and that the building was “Keith Nygren’s Courthouse”. Mr. Simpson was attending a court hearing and just happened to have the cards in his possession at the time.
4) Sheriff Nygren utilized his taxpayer funded county office for a photo shoot to support Dan Regna’s campaign. These photos were then used for Regna’s political-campaign website and campaign newspaper ads.
5) Sheriff Nygren’s deputy and security guard, Michael Cooper, was in possession of documents stolen from the McHenry County State’s Attorney’s office. According to the records, a second deputy was also in control of said documents and the evidence was lost during the course of events. (Please refer to the Amy Dalby criminal proceedings) To the best of my knowledge, Sheriff Nygren never conducted an internal investigation to determine whether there was evidence to facilitate “Theft and Official Misconduct” charges. At no time did Sheriff Nygren request the assistance of an outside agency in regards to these events.
6) Sheriff Nygren assigned deputies/other personnel to deliver items auctioned off at his political fundraisers while being paid by taxpayers and while using official county owned vehicles.
7) Sheriff Nygren paid deputies/other personnel overtime to participate in a parade promoting himself and his office. He has been quoted as referring to parades as political. Sheriff Nygren paid departmental personnel over-time to chauffer and escort him during these parades.
8) Sheriff Nygren integrated his campaign with the “Shop with a Cop” charity event. Deputies drive county vehicles and use county fuel while Nygren’s political supporters organize the event. In December of 2006, I was told by Lieutenant Anton Cundiff that it would help my career if I participated in the event.
9) During the State’s Attorney’s race of 2008, Regna flyers were circulated around the patrol room during working hours. More recently, Captain Anton Cundiff has been seen with Nygren flyers and campaign paperwork at his desk during working hours.
10) In the past, Sheriff Nygren has auctioned off a golf cart that he alters to resemble a McHenry County squad car. There is a question as to whether the decals used are provided by the department and not his campaign organization.
I have evidence, photos, memos, and witnesses that verify my allegations. That information has been provided to the above listed agencies. Attached with this release are copies of complaint letters that verify my assertions. I am currently speaking with legal counsel. We may find it necessary to formally request a special prosecutor to examine the evidence.

Zane Seipler
Republican Candidate for Sheriff

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Another Lawyer said...

Carefully read items 1 through 10, really couldn't find a really good one. Note, when you are filing a complaint pick one thing, or two. Make sure they are substantial. Then hammer them home. Listing 10 almost sort of important things leads people to remember that the forgot their nap time today.