Monday, November 2, 2009

CPR Certified?

A recent reader survey question was, “Do you have a current CPR certification?”

Yes 25 (60%)
No 17 (40%)

Many thanks to the 42 readers who responded.

A good reason to re-certify through the latest CPR training is to learn the latest and most-effective techniques. Training is offered in several places in McHenry County.

OK, readers, where is training offered? Is there a fee, or is it offered without charge?


Anonymous said...

I aint worried about my "ticker"... it's my liver that probably looks like swiss cheese!

How's your ticker doing? Taking your meds and aspirin like yer supposed too? Staying away from Mickie-D's are ya? If ya ain't, then the old Gus-o-Mundo's got one foot in da grave and the other on a banana peel. DOH!

Gus said...

You mean Mickey D's isn't heart-healthy???

Looking around for a CPR class. I heard you're not supposed to punch people in the chest now.

How do you check them for swine flu before you do CPR?

Ellen said...

No need to check. There is no more mouth-to-mouth. Just chest compressions.