Saturday, January 3, 2009

Grace Hall Landmark Update

If you are following the Landmark designation nomination of Grace Hall by the Woodstock Historic Preservation Commission, then you'll want to attend this Monday night's meeting to hear and participate in the update.

When: Monday, January 5, 2009
Time: 7:00PM
Where: Woodstock City Hall, Council Chambers, 2nd floor

The Commission can expect questions from the public about the timing of the recommendation to the City Council. Is it to be considered without further delay? If there will be a delay, for what reason and until when?

The public's interest in this designation and the preservation of this 100-year structure needs to be increasing. If it is stagnant or declining, well, that's another matter.

Be there. Bring friends and interested parties. Get on the phone and get others there. The Council chambers need to be packed with participants and observers.

This is a good opportunity to invite high school and college students to learn how the peoples' interest in a community can be heard.

See you there!


Kyle S. said...

I pulled up the 2008 Annual Report for Woodstock Christian Life Services today. I see that Mr. Don Peasley from Woodstock is listed as a member of their Board of Directors. Is this the same Don Peasley that the Northwest Herald at the bottom of his articles, describes:

"Don Peasley has been editor, columnist and historian in McHenry County since October 1947." ?

Has Mr. Peasley been approached about his affiliation with an organization that is proposing to demolition one of the biggest pieces of history in Woodstock; so WCLS can make a buck ?

Don Peasley has made a career of photographing and documenting Woodstock and McHenry County history. I'm sure his livelihood depends on it. I would call for Mr. Peasley to step down from the WCLS Board if he is to maintain any integrity as a "historian". He is part of a group seeking to destroy a piece of history. The Northwest Herald needs to stop running articles by Mr. Peasley if he insists on representing himself as a "historian".

Also noted at the bottom of Peasley's article in the NW Herald:

"He can be reached at 815-338-1533."

Give him a ring and see where he stands on the Grace Hall issue.

find the owners manual you fool said...

I would think that from a purely economic standpoint a photographer/historian would benefit more from the demolition than having the building continue to stand where it has for so many years. New developments new "history".

Kyle S. said...

Yeah ... Makes your photos that much more valuable.

It's just the hypocricy that gets me.