Saturday, January 24, 2009

Opera House Alumni

I was checking out the schedule of events at Stage Left Cafe tonight and browsed the alumni of the Woodstock Opera House. Check them out at

You'll recognize some well-known names: Arlo Guthrie, Dizzy Gillespie, Bill Murray, Glenn Miller, Paul Newman, Orson Welles and many more.

What's missing in their brief biographical sketches is the connection to the Opera House. Wouldn't that be a fine addition?

There is probably a local college or high school student who could be put to work as an intern to dig into the records and then re-write the bios with some truly, meaningful, local information.

Anyone agree?

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Karen12359 said...

I wonder why John Prine isn't included? I saw him a few times at the Opera House. Not a bad seat in the house, it's a beautiful theatre.