Thursday, January 22, 2009

Woodstock Liquor Commission

It took some nagging, but the City has finally published the Minutes of the November 17, 2008, Liquor Commission Special Meeting.

Earlier this month I contacted the City and asked where the Minutes were for the September 10, 2008, meeting (actually Special Meeting). I also asked about any subsequent meeting of the Liquor Commission at which the topic of the Benton Street door of D.C. Cobbs was discussed.

When no Minutes were forthcoming, I addressed the City Council on January 20 and asked these same questions. Apparently in response to my making a very public request, Minutes of the November 17 Special Meeting of the Liquor Commission were published.

I had been under the impression that D.C. Cobbs wanted the Benton Street door to remain open to its patrons for entrance and exit and for smoking off Main Street; however, the Minutes reflect that owner Dan Hart "would like to have one entrance on the Main Street side."

The elusive Minutes of the September 10 Special Meeting remain MIA, and the City's website contains no announcement on the Agenda webpage for the November 17 Special Meeting. Website announcement of a meeting of a Commission is required under the Illinois Open Meetings Act.

President Obama has promised that the nation's business will be conducted "in the light of day", and we need the same right here in Woodstock.

At the City Council meeting I also asked that the Liquor Commission hold Regular Meetings; i.e., regularly-scheduled meetings so that the public could know about them and attend, if desired. Finding out about Special Meetings depends on reading the announcement on the bulletin board at City Hall in time or crossing your fingers that the Northwest Herald will publish an announcement that the Liquor Commission is to meet. Special Meetings can be held on as little as 48 hours' notice.

On the City's website today is an announcement that the Liquor Commission will hold a Special Meeting on Monday, January 26, 7:00PM at City Hall. This announcement meets the 48-hour Notice requirement. You can read the Agenda on the City's website. More about the scheduled topics in a separate article.

Request to the City: Please publish the Minutes of the September 10, 2007 Special Meeting.

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