Thursday, January 29, 2009

Dorr Township Assessment Challenges

Yesterday I collected information from Dorr Township Assessor Kelli Myers, so imagine my surprise to see this morning's front-page headline in the Northwest Herald: "Assessment challenges stun county."

In response to questions, Kelli informed me that there are 9,421 properties assessed in Dorr Township. How many appeals were there this past time around? 104.

One hundred four. Only 104? Out of 9,421. Slightly over 1% of the property owners challenged their assessments? When I expressed my surprise that only 104 property owners had appealed their assessments, I learned that this is four times the previous number of appeals. So, in a past year only about 25 (out of 9,421) appealed?

Does this reflect the ignorance of property owners on the process? Procrastination? Or just sheer hopelessness for any chance of success in an appeal?

Because sales of real estate have plummeted and fair market value has dropped substantially, why didn't more property owners appeal their assessments?

What comes back to Dorr Township in terms of property taxes collected by the McHenry County Treasurer? Unofficially, approximately $1,040,000 for roads and bridges and another $573,000 for operation of the Township programs and services.

$573,000 spread out among 9,421 properties in Dorr Township means an average of $61.00/property for operations, excluding roads and highways.

In the grand scheme of business, $1,600,000 is nothing. A mile of roadway would quickly soak up the the entire year's tax allocation for roads and highways.

If you are wondering what you really get for your Township tax dollars, you might want to study the issue and become informed. There are vocal opponents to the continuation of township entities in Illinois. Study their material. Get the budget for your own township and study how it spends its money. Then make up your own mind.


find the owners manual you fool said...

Obviously you have never incurred the cost or invested the time required to contest a real estate assessment. Add to that the fact that results vary wildly from what you seek to nothing at all and its easy to believe that many homeowners feel their time would be better spent cleaning their guns.

Gus said...

Anything worthwhile takes time, even cleaning my guns.