Sunday, January 25, 2009

Party with A. Lincoln?

Honest Abe's birthday will be celebrated in Woodstock not on February 12, but on February 21. Check out the big, black-tie fling at the Dole Mansion. You, too, can be there. McHenry County - in a recession? No way.

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It'll cost you $100 (hey, what the heck? Costs to party these days are high; right?), and that's $100 each. Throw in $100 for a tux and $300 for the little woman's new party digs, and set aside $400-500 to buy frivolous, unneeded, unwanted "items" at the auction and a few bottles of private-label wine and you're looking at a $1,000 evening.

Kinda rules out the little guy, doesn't it? I wonder what Abe would think of all this?

And I wonder how many of the politicians and prominent business people and executives will dig into their own pockets for this party and NOT chalk it up as a business expense to some political or business account. How about it, you elected officials and business people, you? How do you plan to pay for your tickets to the party? Will you be there, if your business can't write it off and cough up the money for you?

Or you can go to one of the libraries for one of the free readings.

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Cal Skinner said...

Abe was a railroad attorney. He got paid well for that.