Sunday, January 4, 2009

Super Couponing

When I was in Virginia in December, I visited friends and one day I made a trip to the supermarket with the lady of the house. And was she ever prepared?!

As she went through the aisles, she constantly referred to her shopping list and her organizer with many, many coupons.

When we got to the check-out, I gasped when the total hit $251. And then the cashier began to ring up the coupons. Would you believe she paid only $115? And she felt she might have over-paid.

Check the new City Scene for a super-couponing class to be offered by the Woodstock Recreation Department. You may want to sign up early for it!

When my friend goes through the Sunday paper, if there are many good coupons, she'll go out and buy 8-10 more Sunday papers, just for the coupons. She also prints coupons online. In her area, the grocery stores double coupon value, and she is careful to maximize her discounts by choosing which coupon to use.

Jewel-Osco does not double coupons, but it will accept expired Manufacturers' coupons. Did you know that? I previously discarded expired coupons; now I'll save them.

Have any old Rainchecks from Jewel? You know, the ones before they changed over to the "new" rainchecks that has an expiration date of 30 days on them? The old ones don't expire. Too bad I discarded half a dozen that I had gotten 3-4 years ago with that great coffee price!

Happy shopping!

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Duckman said...

Yes , Jewel-Osco does accept expired coupons. But since they don't get credit for them, you would be just ensuring quicker future price increases.