Friday, September 18, 2015

Talking heads going crazy today

I made the mistake of tuning my car radio to CNN after 5:00PM today, while I was sitting in traffic. Big mistake.

The talking heads at CNN (Wolf (what kind of name is that?) Blitzer and his all-important "Situation Room") were frantic at not being able to pry information out of Donald Trump's "people" about his business reason for blowing off the Greenville, S.C. (only 112 miles from home) showcase today. They say he had an important business deal.

Well, good for Trump for taking care of business. Unlike the others who have jobs and are drawing pay, yet are out on the stump.

When you listen to the talking heads on radio, especially the women reporters who can talk for five minutes without ever taking a breath AND say nothing at all, you have to wonder how they got their jobs in the first place and how they keep them.

The media are afraid of Trump. They are afraid of his standings in the polls. So they belittle him.

The reporters think they are the story, as they attempt to sound so all-important.

Pass the barf bag, please.

As for Wednesday night's debate, the media are all hot for Carly. Lots of praise for all, all falsely given. She displays no personal power at all. Can you imagine her as POTUS? No foreign leader would give her the time-of-day. She is unbelievable - that's un-believable.


Big Daddy said...

While I like what Trump is saying, I'm not sure I trust him or that he is the best candidate for the job. Having said that if he get's the nod and wins (I hope), I will not be disappointed.

Big Daddy said...

Watching these fools fall all over themselves trying to attack Donald Trump. Attacking him because he remained silent when SOMEONE else made a so called negative remark? Hillary, at least he didn't cause 4 American heroes to die in Benghazi.It's funny but disgusting at the same time. And as long as we are on the subject of political correctness, why is it so bad to look at Muslims with a suspicious eye? It is they after all who knocked down the Twin Towers, it is they who have declared war on the west not the Amish or anyone else for that matter. Call a spade a spade and stop being such phoneys.