Saturday, September 26, 2015

Crystal Lake.HS stadium to come down

Anyone with half a brain knew that the erection of the new stands of a Crystal Lake High School was wrong.

Yet the school district attempted to snub the neighbors, the City of Crystal Lake, McHenry County and the courts.

The School Board and its attorneys should be held personally liable for the waste of taxpayer dollars and for the loss of trust placed in them. The names of all who supported that stupid fiasco should be publicized, along with their comments - immortalized for all to see easily who they are and what they said.

Anyone, everyone, in public office who supported the School District in its blunder should be removed from office or, if they stick around to the ends of their terms, not re-elected.

Look at the dumb comment of the Board president, as quoted in First ElectricNewspaper: "D155 Board President Ted Wagner in a statement. 'Community High School District 155 followed the required Illinois School Code process, and obtained all required permits from the Regional County Superintendent...' "

Well, Wagner should have known that she (Leslie Schermerhorn, Regional Superintendent of the McHenry County Regional Office of Education) did not have the final say. Sure, she could issue her permit, and the Board had to know it needed approval from the City of Crystal Lake. Wouldn't it be interesting to know the content of all discussions by the Board and who, if any, of the members brought up the interest of the City.

How many millions of dollars were wasted by that School District's decision?

And how did the stands ever get fully erected without a construction Stop Order a long time ago???


Big Daddy said...

How would you like to look out your kitchen window and see THAT thing? Not me.

Gus said...

How in the world the School Board could think it was going to put that over on the neighbors is beyond me! The neighbors must have been asleep at the switch as it was being erected.

If the Northwest Herald had an investigative reporter, he should have been all over that when ground was broken; even before - when it was approved at a public meeting. But everybody wants to "play nice" and now, millions of dollars later, down it will come. The neighbors and the City ought to sue the School Board members, collectively and personally, and the School Board attorney(s).

Why should the taxpayers foot the bills?