Thursday, September 17, 2015

How to get invited to the White House

We see another stupid, pandering move by Barack Obama in the invitation to the Texas student who made a clock and took it to school. Why in the world would he be invited to the White House?

"Oh, wait," you say? His name is Ahmed Mohamed.

Suppose Joe Doakes had built a clock and taken it to school. Think he'd get national news and a White House invitation?

Ahmed's teacher was not wrong to be suspicious. The clock could have been a bomb. OK, so you call the cops. They dismantle it and find out it's a clock, like the student said. End of story.

Ahmed's detention, arrest, processing were all wrong. But it's not national news or worthy of White House attention.


Big Daddy said...

So he WAS invited to the WH. Gus, I read this on another site and thought it was a joke or a link to the Onion. I actually started laughing. Are you sure it's true? Has this idiot really sank that low?

Big Daddy said...

My boss yelled at me the other day. Can I expect a call from barack?

Gus said...

Only if your name is Ahmed.