Saturday, June 16, 2007

Watch out! Broken Glass!

One of my readers has asked me to write about the amount of broken glass on sidewalks in Woodstock. Well, okay; here goes…

What kind of rocket scientist lives in Woodstock that he (or she) will just throw down a glass or glass bottle on a sidewalk? Wouldn’t it be nice to catch him doing so? What would you do, if you did?

I’d give him two choices. “Start picking it up, or start preparing your explanation because a cop is going to be here in about two minutes.”

On many sidewalks in Woodstock you can walk through broken glass. Recently there was glass on the sidewalk on West Jackson between Pleasant and Tryon. This was along the parade route. Doesn’t the City check sidewalks after a parade? Probably not.

There was also glass on the sidewalk in front of the large house on the southwest corner of Dean and South Streets. Now, it’s for sure that the owner didn’t go out there and throw down a glass. So, who did?

Another location of broken glass was by the mailbox on the corner of South Jefferson and Fremont Streets.

What can you do when you spot glass on the sidewalk or in the street?

Send an email to the Public Works Department. Write to You can expect pretty good service. I suggest email, because there is a paper trail for you, and it’s easy for them to handle. If you really like telephoning, call 815/338-6118 during normal business hours; or you can call after hours and leave a message.

Be organized to leave essential details. Give them a street address where the problem is and when you last noticed it. I have found them generally responsive to requests for service.

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