Saturday, June 9, 2007

Viking Dodge-buster

Have you driven along U.S. 14 in Crystal Lake and wondered about the man who parks his car near Viking Dodge, which is located on IL 176 at U.S. 14 on the west end of Crystal Lake? The one with the big anti-Viking Dodge sign on it?

Today I stopped to talk with him. Wayne is retired, a veteran, and is 71 years of age. He lives in Marengo, and some time back he attempted to purchase a car from Viking Dodge. If you’d like to know his story, stop and talk with him and/or read it on

A Viking Dodge employee was charged with stealing a sign off Wayne’s car. All Wayne wanted was the $40.00 for the sign, but the employee wouldn’t cough it up. So Wayne had him arrested. After many continuances in court, Wayne was there yet one more time, and the employee’s attorney asked for another continuance. Wayne told the judge that there had already been several continuances, and he asked for the trial to be held that day. The judge agreed, heard the case and found the employee Guilty.

Does that employee still work there? What do you think?

Viking Dodge will be in court this week, and Wayne and his attorney will be there. Viking would love to get Wayne booted off the shoulder of the state highway, where he parks legally with a sign directing attention to Hello, has anyone in McHenry County heard of First Amendment rights?

This is definitely a case of David v. Goliath.

Three cheers for “David”! That’s you, Wayne.

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Anonymous said...

Hello. I have something to say about Viking Dodge. I think that in general, the company is not that bad. The problem I had was with the manager of one of the locations. He was extremely rude and incompetent. I have no idea who hired him. I filed a complaint on this great site Look it through for other reports.