Thursday, June 21, 2007

"How's My Driving?" Do you call?

Have you seen the stickers on the back of trucks with “How’s My Driving?” Have you ever called to report unlawful driving? Or maybe even called to report safe or courteous driving?

Today I was tailgated in McHenry by a white Chevrolet Astro van owned by Otis – a United Technologies Company. After the driver tailgated me west on Charles Miller Road (we used to call it Bull Valley Road) from Green Street, the traffic stopped westbound for the red light at Route 31.

The driver pulled up very close to me before turning into the center, no-passing lane to access the left-turn lane at Route 31 early. He didn’t get through the light, and guess who stopped right alongside him when the light for through traffic changed??? You betcha!

That was where I got his license plate number (60 244G), and the phone number to call to report unsafe driving (800) 827-SAFE. And his truck Unit No. – ZT 936.

Won’t he be surprised in a day or two when his manager asks him just where in tarnation did he think he was going in such a hurry?

Of course, the police are never around when you need them (or want them). But this is the next best, and it’s probably more effective than a ticket and Court Supervision. If an employer gets very many calls about bad driving, we can only hope they will take stern action to keep their vehicle liability rates down.


Unknown said...

Thats really interesting, Ive never had the chance to call. Id think that people would behave better, wouldn't you?

Unknown said...

Hi guys - for your information we managed to pass a state regulation that require all commercial vehicles of any size and shape in Israel to drive with such bumper stickers. Also we have an advantage because we can use short numbers like Star numbers - so for our company we use *3663 and it is dialing our call center from any network. Amongst our customers in Israel are IBM, Kodak and many other known companies. Please look at our website
We developed very special software to manage this system and woulve the opportunity to be working with other companies worldwide, So feel free to contact me at
Ny the way - it is really working great and many calls come in. Companies who work with us have seen dramatic improvement in their drivers behavior and at very low cost.