Monday, February 22, 2016

When should U.S. Flag be lowered?

As I entered my bank today, I noticed that the U.S. Flag was at half-staff, and I commented to the manager that the period of respect for Justice Scalia had probably ended on Saturday with his interment. She said she'd check with the flag czar (my words, not hers).

As I stood in line and waited for my receipts, I decided to check online for the end-date of this most recent half-staff show of respect.

What did I learn? At first, I thought it was the POTUS who had ordered the lowering of U.S. flags. 

Checking online later this afternoon, it appears that Michigan Governor Rick Snyder ordered that Michigan and U.S. flags be flown at half-staff for, according to WIN 98.5 radio's website, "...six days to honor each victim who died." The Governor of a State has the privilege of ordering the lowering of the U.S. Flag in his own state, but I don't think his authority extends to other states. Actually, he has probably exceeded his authority, because the U.S. Flag is to be lowered only when "somebody important" died (there is a list of categories).

Now tomorrow I'll call my bank and ask why the U.S. Flag has been lowered and if it was for the shootings in Kalamazoo.

Here's my stand on the U.S. Flag. You never lower the U.S. Flag. Not for any person or for any event. Not ever. The U.S. Flag should fly high over our land, no matter what.

How do we knock some sense into Governors and the POTUS on this topic?

Am I the only person in the USA who feels so strongly about our Flag?

And, while I'm on this rant, let's hope that I never ever encounter some thugs or protesters who have put the U.S. Flag on the ground or are trying to burn it. What will you do if you see the flag on the ground?

I remember the day in Woodstock, when two court security officers were lowering the U.S. Flag in front of the Administration Building on N. Seminary Ave. They probably remember that day, too, because I raised hell with them and with the County Administrator of the Sheriff (today I don't remember which one I contacted). They weren't paying attention and didn't seem to give a hoot that the Flag was on the ground.

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