Monday, February 15, 2016

Conspiracy Theory

Here's a theory that I'll bet I'm not the first to have...

What if Justice Scalia didn't have a heart attack? What if his "heart attack" was induced? Did he have a history of heart trouble? Documented by his own personal physician?

Obama is licking his chops at the chance to nominate Justice Scalia's successor. Obama doesn't even have the guts to see Justice Scalia buried first. If Obama had any class at all (and we know the answer to that one), he could have waited a week.

Should Obama be able to nominate the successor, who might be on the bench for 30 years or more, as Justice Scalia was?

Absolutely NOT. Why should the United States have to live with a decision by Obama, who now has less than 12 months to hold the Office of POTUS? How many Americans will be at The White House on January 20, 2017, to cheer as the Obamas move out.

But he won't go willingly. Obama will fight and make a big deal out of it. Let's hope that Republicans AND Democrats see the wisdom of letting the next President nominate Justice Scalia's successor.

And God help the USA, if Hillary is elected and then gets to nominate the successor Justice. The ads are already in the media about the Second Amendment's being nothing but history, if a liberal Justice takes the ninth chair.

Well, for me, the Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights was written by men who knew what they were talking about. Just look back over the quotes of the Founding Fathers.

If the liberals try to take guns away from freedom-loving Americans, what happened recently in Oregon will be nothing compared to the stand that will be taken "to keep and bear arms".


Big Daddy said...

I read about Scalias death at almost the same time the MSM was broacasting/printing/blogging it. I knew it would be only a matter of minutes before the conspiracy theorists would come out and label it a murder and they didn't let me down. Now it's almost gospel that it was a murder with some of the right wingers (which I am one of) and that theory is running rampant all over the web. As far as his replacement, I say that Obama should NOT be allowed to name Scalias successor, that it should be the job of the new President.

Gus said...

Some "expert" thinks Obama would like to appoint Loretta Lynch, according to AOLNews. What does that do for your blood pressure?