Saturday, February 13, 2016

Great customer service

Yesterday I called a retailer in a national restaurant chain about a problem I was having, when I tried to merge two gift cards on its website.

Phone advice on the tollfree number informed me that the wait might be 22 minutes, so I put my phone on Speaker and went about other matters. After about 30 minutes a friendly customer service rep answered. The first thing she did was apologize for the extended delay.

Then she efficiently resolved my issue and asked if she could help in any other way. I asked one more question, realizing that she and others there were very busy.

As the conversation ended, she offered complimentary points to thank me for being a valued customer and, sure enough, those points were promptly added to my account.

I know I'm quick to complain about bad customer service, and I want to balance that by being quick to praise Good service. I hope you'll do the same.

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Cal Skinner said...

You don't identify the retailer.