Thursday, November 5, 2015

S.C. gets it right - bashes auto "closing" costs

The South Carolina Supreme Court struck down an auto dealership's "closing costs". And why not?

Why isn't similar action happening in every state? The "closing costs" are part of a dealership's operating expenses. Why should they be passed on separately?

The only reason they are is because people are too stupid, dumb, reluctant to TELL a dealership that they are not paying that mark-up. It's just extra profit for the dealership.

Next time you go to a dealership, get all done with the deal. Drive them down to the bottom line. And then tell them to knock off their closing costs. Be ready to stand up and walk out.

Keep in mind that the car salesmen are not your friends. They are going to worm every dollar out of you that they can.

Increase your control over the next car purchase you plan by carefully reading the hints on and on

Never - n-e-v-e-r - go to a dealership alone. Make your mind up before you go whether you are "just looking". And then do not change your mind. No matter what. Decide in advance how long you will be at a dealership. Set the alarm on your phone. Then leave!

Whatever dreamboat you see, it will be there the next day. Or the dealership can trade for it from another dealership. Or you can get on the phone yourself and shop all the dealers within 500 miles. Give them the specs for the car you want. Tell them to email their best offer by a certain time on a definite day.

You are just buying a hunk of metal on some rubber tires. Don't get "sold".


Big Daddy said...

My buddies dad was a car salesman many years ago. I met him and remember him telling me that the dealer/salesman will ALWAYS come out on top no matter what kind of deal you cut. There are just too many ways that he can get your money and most of the time people don't even realize it.

Gus said...

I sold new cars for two months in Denver in 1986. It was the worst two months of my life. It is no place for an honest salesman.