Sunday, November 8, 2015

Gun-free zones. Signs work ...

... don't they?

Earlier today I read about the murder-suicide in a hospital in Mesa, Arizona. A mother apparently killed her 5-year-old son and then shot and killed herself.

Now read what David Lozano, the spokesperson for the hospital, said.

According to, "It's not clear how the child's mother got a gun into the hospital. Banner Health has a policy -- which is posted at entrances -- against carrying firearms and weapons into its facilities, Lozano said."

Now, of course, the article only says he said it. It's not quoting what he said. says he said it. Did he?

Either way, the answer is, "Duhhhh, she carried in the gun."

People may learn whether the mother was distraught over her son's health condition and whether she had ever made any comments that could explain her actions. These are what hospitals and other institutions should be paying attention to.

Was the mother crazy? Some will simplify it by saying, "She had to be crazy to do that." Did her family or her doctor(s) have any reason to suspect such an extreme act?

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