Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Why Joe Biden Can't Run

Why can't Joe Biden run for Democratic nominee for POTUS?

He has a job. He draws a salary from the U.S. Government. He has Government-paid bodyguards.

If Biden throws his hat in the ring, he is snubbing hundreds of thousands of hard-working Americans who pay taxes to support the U.S. Government. Why should WE pay for his security and his salary and benefits, while he is out traipsing around the country?

If he had an honest bone in his body, he would resign as VPOTUS and then announce that he will run.

Biden is paid (I was going to write "earns"...) $230,700/year. Assuming he puts in 230 days in a year "working", that's $1,000/day. Next time he is whining about the rich having it all, let's remind him of his own pay. And that $230K doesn't even include benefits.


Big Daddy said...

He can't and won't run because he would draw votes from hillary.

Big Daddy said...

And they know it and told him that, hence todays announcement.