Monday, October 5, 2015

Bull Valley P.D. - in a new spotlight

A reader posted a comment to a two-year-old article about the Bull Valley P.D., and the comment draws attention to the habits and procedures of the Bull Valley Police Department.

The comment doesn't deserve to get hidden where it would probably never be read, so ...

Check out the Facebook page called "Justice from Bull Valley Police Department". Retain the spacing shown; don't run all the words together.

And check out the video of a recent meeting in Bull Valley. I haven't watched it all the way through. If it is of interest to you, you can watch all of it. It was posted to the Facebook page on October 3, 2015.
At the beginning, it seems to me that the woman at the front left is clearly uncomfortable with the recording being made of the meeting.

I remember hearing stories of drivers getting stopped for 2-3MPH over the posted speed limit. A former police chief told me his officers never stopped anyone for less than 10MPH over the limit. It was all I could do to keep from laughing.

What has your own experience been with Bull Valley Police? Most local McHenry County residents know to obey traffic laws exactly in Bull Valley. Actually, that's not a bad idea. But is Bull Valley PD's enforcement too aggressive? Is the vehicle impoundment law being properly applied?

Has traffic enforcement changed at all in the past 3-4 years?


Big Daddy said...

This is a downright shame Gus. A Police Department is supposed to enhance the quality of life for the citizens it serves, not make it more difficult.

Gus said...

BVPD has had its reputation for years. It's a small village. Its source of revenue is taxes and fines.

Big Daddy said...

That's too bad Gus. A Police Department is supposed serve it's citizens not bombard them with Nazi like traffic enforcement. I'm all for effective traffic enforcement but not at the expense of other things. Is the Bull Valley PD this aggressive with burglars, narcotic problems etc.? I think that perhaps it's time for the officers of the Bull Valley PD to go work in a real Police Department and learn what it really means to be the real Police. Learn to work FOR or WITH the people, not against them.

Unknown said...

Gus, thanks for posting this. Seems like the Bully Valley PD got worse after Parrish became the Village President. He mentored (per his own words posted on the BV webpage which has been since removed) his successor who is carrying on the fine tradition of stopping blue collar guys who are some of my amigos!

When you look at their published annual financial statements you will notice that a significant portion of the Village's revenue comes from fines imposed upon the backs of the common folk who must traverse the BV patrolled roads to get from point A to point B.

Even our Woodstock PD members consider BV PD to be the "Mayberry RFD" of McHenry County. The McHenry County Sheriffs' department doesn't think they even rise to the level of Mayberry RFD!

It seems to me that where there is smoke there is fire. Is BV the next Fox Lake? Seems to me that the States Attorney's Office should be investigating BV, just saying.