Tuesday, August 25, 2015

"Islam is Islam"

There are no modifiers, such as radical or moderate.

Listen to and watch former 4-Star Navy Admiral Ace Lyons at The National Press Club. He tells how Obama is destroying the USA. He explains Obama's signals to jihadists. He starts with the infiltration of all U.S. intelligence agencies by the Muslim Brotherhood. He speaks about lost opportunities to respond to overseas attacks on Americans. "Political correctness has neutralized all our military leadership."

"The threat is Islam."

Be sure to stick around for the Q&A following his brief remarks. He speaks about Obama's unilateral disarmament of the U.S. military and lists certain changes that must stop.

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Big Daddy said...

Admiral Lyons is a true American hero and has forgotten more about islamic terror than anyone in the obama administration ever knew. It would be a mistake to dismiss him as a senile old man which is what some have done in the past.