Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Simply Lemonade - a worthless guarantee

On Sunday I bought a 59-oz. size of Simply Lemonade. It tastes like what I suspect turpentine might taste like (although I've never tasted turpentine).

In the past I have enjoyed Simply Orange, so I had decided to try Simply Lemonade.

It was terrible. After the first taste, I poured it down the drain.

I called the customer service line this morning at 800/871-2653. The rep was polite, but she had no authority to provide product satisfaction. She thanked me, without ever asking my name or ZIP Code. When I asked about a product guarantee, she asked for the freshness date stamped on the container (September 26, 2015). And then for my ZIP Code. But never for my name and address.

When I asked her to inform her supervisor and manager that I thought the company ought to meet its guarantee, all she was authorized to say was that the product was "fresh" (from the production date). She was not interested in the production code (ANG1 E 07:55 LEM), even though I offered it. There is no taste guarantee.

I suggested that the company really ought to have some type of guarantee beyond the "freshness guarantee".

There was an opportunity for them to keep me as a customer, but they missed it. From now on, I'll head for the Dole products.

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