Friday, January 2, 2015

New restaurant - Woodstock?

Here's a terrific idea for a new restaurant on Main Street in Woodstock. How about a carbon copy of Shooter's Grill, located in Rifle, Colorado?

You can get the whole story right on this video. I went through Rifle in September 2013, before I learned about Shooters Grill. After visiting my sister in Carbondale, Colorado, I headed west, driving a Woodstock friend's car to his new residence near San Jose, California. I left I-70 at Rifle for two-lane roadways to Salt Lake City and, although I remembered the town from the days I lived in Colorado (1970-1986), I wasn't checking storefronts as I passed through.

Colorado seems to have open-carry laws as well as concealed carry. Interestingly enough, Colorado does not honor a South Carolina resident's concealed carry license. And it doesn't honor a Utah or Florida non-resident concealed carry license. Now I'll have to find out if Colorado's open-carry law is for all, or just for Colorado residents.

This is one more fine example of the patchwork quilt of firearms laws in the USA. Wouldn't it be nice to have one national law that was honored in all states, like your driver's license?

I'm reminded of a summer afternoon in Santa Fe, when a man wearing buckskins and carrying a rifle was walking around, passing out flyers for a new restaurant. His pitch?

"Good food. Great prices. Same-day service."

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