Saturday, January 10, 2015

Mary McClellan makes news (and probably wishes otherwise)

A must-read article in the Chicago Tribune.

On January 10th the Chicago Tribune reported that the Cook County State's Attorney Office was sanctioned by Federal Judge John F. Grady.

It seems they couldn't find some records in a case against Chicago Police. Yet, once he got judicial access to search for the records, Attorney Jared Kosoglad later said it took him about 15 minutes to find the 2008 files, which had been misfiled among 2010 records.

Where does Mary McClellan enter the picture? She was an Assistant State's Attorney on part of the case. And where is she now? McClellan was elected McHenry County Clerk in November 2014 and took office on December 1.

According to the Tribune article, "Mary McClellan, an assistant state’s attorney who represented the office for a portion of the case, was also sanctioned by Grady for 'recklessly adhering to the position' in court that the misdemeanor case files did not exist."

If you are interested in trying to understand what led to the sanctions, read the Chicago Tribune article.

Many thanks to the reader who tipped me on the article.

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