Saturday, January 10, 2015

Military personnel - denied 2A rights?

Why are our military personnel denied their Second Amendment rights?

As I understand it, firearms cannot be carried onto military installations. I live right near Fort Jackson, in Columbia, S.C. If I have business on the post, I must leave my firearm at home. I cannot just put it in the trunk or glove compartment of my vehicle.

We train our military in firearms handling and use. We do still do that, don't we? So, why don't we arm them and tell them they can carry 24/7, concealed or openly? I'd be happy to see Army men and women packing around town.

Issue a sidearm, holster, web belt, and green-light them by national law to carry openly in uniform or concealed, when they are off-post.

What will happen to the crime rate, when the military is out shopping with their sidearms? Think somebody is likely to bust into a newspaper office here, if he is worried about the firepower that might be outside waiting for him. While the brothers in Paris wouldn't have been worried about it, their bodies would have objected to the delivery of lead poisoning when they ran out of the building.

Are we (all of us) approaching the day when we will have to defend ourselves, defend the innocent and protect this country?

How are the cops trained to discern the good guys with guns vs. the "bad guys" with guns? Are they? I'd like to know that the training that cops receive includes the question, "Could this be an armed citizen who is here to help?

If you are that armed citizen who is there to help, remember that the cop is not going to know that. He is going to see a person with a gun and, understanding, believe this person is or can be a threat to him or to the public. Part of your own preparedness must include how you will respond to the arrival of law enforcement. And whether they will want your continued assistance.

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