Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Mo. S/P Capt. Johnson lies to press

Supposedly Capt. Ronald S. Johnson of the Missouri State Highway Patrol said at a press conference at 2:30am “Our officers came under heavy fire.”

Anyone believe that?

I have no doubt that troopers, officers, deputies and National Guardsmen are exposed to dangerous and life-threatening conditions. Most police officers never encounter these conditions during their entire careers. Those in a war zone in a city might, but not like what is going on in Ferguson. Military with combat duty know what it feels like to those on the ground in Ferguson.

But "came under heavy fire"? If they had, there would be injured and dead law-enforcement personnel and they would have fired back.

These are not peaceful demonstrations in Ferguson!

What if police and preachers and social workers circulated today and told demonstrators that tonight the police presence would be nearly invisible. What if they said, "Prove to us that the absence of police will mean peace." And "we'll be ready to return immediately, if there are threats to people, rioting or looting."

Right now this is a situation where "militarized" police are needed. Obama should keep his mouth shut. Holder should stay in Washington. Gov. Nixon should get back to Jefferson City, if he happens to be a governor who actually lives in the capital city of the state. Let people who know what they are doing, handle this.

Identify and grab the rabblerousers and those who are inciting riots. Do police really have a plan for restoring peace in Ferguson? Will it become another Watts?

Get the residents to understand that they really don't know exactly what happened in the street that day. One person knows - Officer Wilson.

Dorian Johnson, Brown's partner in the strong-arm robbery at the convenience store, has already been proven a liar and an untrustworthy "eyewitness." Didn't he say Brown was shot in the back? It makes a good story (for Brown), but the family's own autopsy reveals Brown was shot from the front - only. No entry wounds in the back.

Well before now, there should have been a re-enactment. Has there been? Obviously, they can't do it at the scene. Have they staged it elsewhere?


Big Daddy said...

I dunno Gus. I know policemen down there and they tell me they have been ordered not to shoot back or arrest looters.

Gus said...

Big Daddy, I can believe that. Somebody in the "command center" is giving the orders, possibly following orders from the Governor.

Obviously, the cops should only shoot back on a hard target, not just into a crowd. Arresting looters? How can they NOT do that?

Failure to react firmly will only prolong the unrest and provide encouragement to those who are inciting unrest.

Unknown said...

They have thrown Molotov cocktails at the police almost every night. For that alone they could be shot dead on the spot legally. There is a lot of restraint being shown by the police down there and they are getting no credit for it