Monday, August 18, 2014

Disbar Attorneys Crump and Parks

Stay back, everyone. You don't want to get run over by the ambulances....

Attorneys Crump and Parks, in the Michael Brown case, should be disbarred. Using words like execution and murder ought to land them behind bars. Stating that the autopsy is performed by the law enforcement groups that killed Brown is a lie and serves only to agitate people further. Baloney!

They are misreporting the autopsy results and the involvement of the Federal Government. Will  someone explain just why the Feds are involved in the Ferguson, Mo. mess? Why a third autopsy?

That clown that did the autopsy for the family? Look at the diagram. Where is the shot to the back that Dorian Johnson said caused Brown to stop running and turn around? Johnson is a liar, right along with other "eyewitnesses".

Capt. Johnson of the Missouri State Highway Patrol should be retired - involuntarily. What a jerk! His job is as a cop. Even Gov. Nixon is cutting him out of the loop by not telling him that the National Guard was going to be sent in.

Johnson's "I'm so sorry" routine is appalling. Look again at the video of the strong-arm robbery. Now we know that Brown was 6'4", towering over the convenience store clerk.

Ofc. Wilson will find it hard to keep silent, but he must. You know the old saying (not so old) - "Anything you say can and will be used against you."

Brown's lawyers have already purchased the rope and are measuring it.

Yes, it's a sad time for the Brown family. But they need a dose of reality. Their son was a bully and a criminal. He wasn't shot because of the robbery. Whatever happened in the middle of that street is why he was shot.

The police in Ferguson had better figure out quickly who the outside instigators are and corral them. Clamp down and stop the rioting now, before it gets worse. Have Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton already left town? Why aren't they in the crowds, calming them down? Maybe the news cameras have been pointed in a different direction.

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Big Daddy said...

Well said Gus. This is going to get worse before it gets better. All they have done is emboldened the criminals.