Monday, August 18, 2014

Holder to Ferguson

Cannot anyone control Obama? He is going to send Eric Holder to Ferguson, Mo.

Good. Send Holder in jeans and a hoodie. No ID. No money. No bodyguards. Tell him to scream at the cops. Tell him to violate police orders to clear the area.Tell him to ignore the curfew, if there is one.

Lock his butt up. Throw away the key. Better yet, send him to southern Arizona and stick him out on one of the trails used by the mules.

Missouri Gov. Nixon is making a worse mess in Ferguson, ordering out the National Guard to protect the police command center. Is he so stupid that he thinks that is what is causing the continued riots?

Here's a suggestion for Gov. Nixon: remove the van. Remove the National Guard. Remove the State Police. You think they are the problem? Then see what's left of Ferguson in the morning.

Who knows? Maybe all the protestors will just go home and sleep it off.

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