Saturday, May 5, 2007

Shop Bohn’s ACE Hardware

Shopping today in Woodstock’s ACE Hardware reminded me once again how valuable the local hardware store is. My needs are always small: nuts & bolts, a quart of lawnmower engine oil, a smoke alarm or a CO detector.

What I can count on at Bohn’s ACE Hardware is finding someone who can help me find that little item. I appreciate this level of personal service, especially in view of the cost to them to provide it.

What we need to do in Woodstock is support our long-time local stores. Rather than dashing off to Wal-Mart or Menard’s where we might save $5-10, or even a little more, remember that ACE Hardware – 75 years in Woodstock – is where you can go to get advice and directions to the right aisle or bin, or even be guided there and helped to find it.

It has got to be incredibly challenging to provide this level of service, when the mass merchandisers and cost-cutters come to town. Those big guys will stay in business. WE need to help the little guys stay in business.

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