Saturday, May 26, 2007

Farmers’ Market on Woodstock Square

The new configuration around the Woodstock Square for the Saturday Farmers’ Market eliminates parking spaces on the left side of the roads around the Square.

Is this a proper allowance and decision by the City?

Vendors park the vehicles and trailers parallel to the inside curbs (contrary to angular parking space striping) and then set up their tables and tents for the Farmers’ Market. I didn’t count the number of vendors or customers, but I hope the City will track. Should be easy, because a business license or permit should be required and sales tax collected on all business transacted.

When the City allows a public roadway to be taken out of use on a regular basis for promotion of commercial business interests (vegetables, fruit, baked goods, other merchandise), is this a proper and legal use of public property?

Of course, the City will say it’s OK because they approved it. But, is it legal to approve it? Input from citizens to the City Council is important.

What impact does this have on the (other) businesses on the Square? Does the Farmers’ Market bring business to them? Or does it drive business away from the businesses on the Square because their customers cannot find places to park?

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