Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Gas - $2.88/gal.

Really? $2.88? Where can I buy gas at this price?

Not in Woodstock. That's for sure. Yesterday's price for regular unleaded was $3.39 at the Mobil on N. Seminary.

This afternoon I flew to Columbia, S.C. As the plane approached the airport, a large advertising sign could be seen from the air: $2.88. And, sure enough, that was the price at several gas stations between the airport and downtown.

Can taxes account for $0.51/gal. in McHenry County? Is it time for drivers to bear down on politicians and oil companies and create a strategy and tactics to drive prices lower?

We all know the price of gas is ridiculous, yet we keep on driving all the miles we drive, idling in all the drive-through lanes at the pharmacy and local eateries, and idling with the A/C on while a passenger runs into Jewel.

Let's cut consumption! Less demand = lower prices. You know - - the old supply-and-demand game.

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