Monday, October 17, 2011

Where are the workers?

Where are the workers today in downtown Woodstock, where the streets are torn up for the "streetscape" improvements?

A beautiful day in October, perfect for pouring concrete and finishing a job, so that some semblance of order can be restored and the merchants can feel like they are back in business. And where are the workers and cement trucks? Nowhere in sight; that's for sure. They ought to be swarming all over every corner, finishing this job quickly and eliminating the interference with business-as-usual.

If a survey of downtown merchants and customers on the Square were done, I wonder what they'd have to say. And what will they say, after the job is done?

A. It's beautiful; it was worth the inconvenience and the wait.
B. It's nice, but ...
C. What a waste of money!

Wouldn't some "Pardon our mess" signs be nice? And maybe some signs announcing the targeted completion date? And utilizing DBTR's comment last week of some smiley faces on the signs that could be changed from frowns to smiles, as completion date nears?

Then Woodstock could really be the little town that cares!


Ert said...

It is actually too cold to pour concrete today, without using blankets and heaters.

Gus said...

So do you suppose they think it is going to get warmer between now and Spring?

Tyler said...

Too cold to pour concrete? I did this for a living and we poured chloride in the mix. Low temperatures will slow the concrete hydration. That is why an accelerator such as chloride is needed to obtain and maintain high initial strength. Basically if it is not much below 32 most pours go without problem.

Gus said...

Anybody know the deadline on this project? The merchants ought to be forming an Occupy Woodstock movement!

Justin said...

Tyler is correct.Haven't a clue what ERT is referring to. Cold is not a problem (yet) so I suspect they were more afraid of rain. Flat work can be screwed up by rain. Also I can't tell by the photo but it looks like they have not finished the grading and pea-stone needs to laid before they pour concrete.