Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sensitive mail that I receive

What happens to the mail, email and faxes I receive that inform me of the goings-on at the McHenry County Sheriff's Department (and other departments)?

After the attempt last Spring by the sheriff's lawyer to force me to cough up 27 months worth of documents, I began destroying them on a regular basis. I intended not to tender them, even if the Court demanded, and I was fully prepared to be jailed for my refusal. I knew that I had received information in confidence, and I would choose jail, rather than divulging the names of informants.

Emails about the dirty secrets at the sheriff's department are deleted, and the recycle bin is regularly cleaned out.

Hard copies are shredded. Various townships sponsor shredding days, when bankers' boxes full of papers can be fed right into the on-site shredder. Small home-type shredders are wonderful.

In other words, I don't keep any documentation. It's gone. History. Down the drain (well, not quite).

Did I think the sheriff's department might try the ol' search warrant route? It's a good thing that they got some good legal advice not to do that. I wonder who gave them that advice. Had they come to my door with a warrant, they could have "tossed" my apartment and they wouldn't have found anything.

Do you have the right to remain on the premises, when deputies are searching your property? I believe you do. I certainly would not have let them search without my being here.

Do they ever do that? Prevent the residents from being home while the home is searched? Should they tell the residents that they cannot be home while the home is being searched? If a deputy tells a person that he or she cannot be home while the home is being searched, has the deputy lied to the homeowner?

Opinions, anyone?

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Anonymous said...

Boy, you are a "Deep Throat" aren't ya? Next time ur plan'n a midnite shredding party at yur place, please invite TMB and I'll bring over the "refreshments"! DOH!