Thursday, October 20, 2011

MCSD comes through with NIXLE - worthless

The McHenry County Sheriff's Department finally came through with a NIXLE message about the escapee in Crystal Lake.

At 9:12AM MCSD broadcast an alert that the escaped prisoner had been captured.

Bravo. Three cheers. Of course, that's not as much news as his escape would have been!

But what about the lack of a NIXLE alert during the 12 hours of James Hensen's brief freedom from the squad car of Deputy (well, I have her name, but I'll let the Northwest Herald identify her)?

Hensen roamed the streets and woods for about 12 hours before being taken back into custody. Presumably, he was still handcuffed, although the article announcing his capture didn't mention that.

With all the tens (hundreds?) of thousands of dollars spent on FBI training, ISP training, Master's Degrees at Northwestern University and all that stuff for MCSD employees, wasn't there anyone who thought about a NIXLE alert about 9:00PM yesterday?

Or why didn't Crystal Lake PD put out an alert, since this was right in its backyard? Or did they?

Or did someone think of it, and then a superior put the kabosh on it?


Gus said...

The escapee's name was corrected in a later story in the Northwest Herald to Henson.

M.U.G. said...

There was some type of phone alert put out last night but I don't have the time as several people called me to comment on it.