Saturday, October 22, 2011

Escapee investigation - how thorough?

How did it happen that escapee Henson was captured on Thursday morning and was not wearing the handcuffs which presumably had been put on, when he was arrested Wednesday evening?

Was MCSD policy followed, when the handcuff were put on? Was he cuffed behind his back? Were the cuffs put on with the key opening toward his elbows, not toward his hands? Were they double-locked? Was he searched for a hidden handcuff key? Like, maybe taped inside his belt in the back?

Is Henson a smoker? Is there any chance he asked for a cigarette "to calm his nerves", as well as to distract the deputy? Would a handcuffed prisoner ever be allowed to smoke, like in a squad car (government property, subject to smoking restriction imposed by the County), knowing that, once he got to the jail, chances were very small that he would be allowed to smoke?

Not impossible, from what I've heard. Sometimes, do detectives take prisoners outside to smoke? Like, if they want to "talk"?

Will the "thorough" investigation (wink, wink; by MCSD itself, not by an outside agency) include whether Henson was offered a smoke? And, if he was, who was to hold the cigarette? Did a deputy offer to light the cigarette and lift the cigarette to his lips? Would the deputy have worn gloves, to avoid contact with "bodily fluids" (saliva)? Would there be a risk of getting bitten?

Or, is there any chance that Henson was uncuffed and allowed to hold the cigarette himself? And then, when he kicked out a window of the squad car, would he have had his hands free to slide through the window, either feet first or head first and not fall and injure himself?

And, if that did happen, what discipline will be administered to a deputy? Will the deputy get a day off to consider the error of her ways?

One thing you can bet on. The public is not likely to learn the full extent of the investigation into this escape. It will be handled "administratively", out of sight of the public and of the press.

What would be a better way? For Sheriff Nygren to reveal the complete results of the investigation promptly and the action he takes, if he finds any Department policies were violated.  Likely to happen this way? Thoughts, anyone?


Justin said...

Why an outside investigation? What is the crime?

Gus said...

CC, thanks for asking your good questions.

More rumors are flying. You know the old saying - where there is smoke, there's fire?

Is it possible that Henson was drawn on, and possibly by someone who is not a law enforcement officer? Was he threatened with deadly force?

Now we both know it may be okay to draw on someone who is a direct threat.

And the burglary tool(s)? What if it was a multi-purpose pocket tool and not being brandished as a weapon?

Starting to get the picture why an outside agency is required for an impartial investigation? Do you really think that MCSD will be totally candid, honest and open with the public about exactly what really happened?