Monday, October 24, 2011

Henson escape, capture now "old news"?

Will the "investigation" by the McHenry County Sheriff's Department of James Henson's initial arrest, escape and re-capture ever see the light of day?

The sheriff's department won't even release the name of the deputy from whose patrol car Henson escaped? Why not? Let's see, starts with F, ends with -r.

The more the sheriff's department withholds information from the public, the more the public should demand details.

How is it that Henson was uncuffed when he was captured Thursday morning? Was he uncuffed by a deputy at some point? If so, by whom and why?

What were the circumstances of Henson's Wednesday arrest near a barn? Was he confronted at gunpoint? By whom? Was that legal? If not, will the person pointing the gun be charged?

Remember when the Pavlins were arrested by deputies in their home in McHenry County near Crystal Lake? They were injured and they were charged with resisting arrest. My belief has always been that their arrests were made, so that their injuries could be thought to be justified. Then, more after more than a year of court dates, the criminal charges against Mr. and Mrs. Pavlin were dismissed. And dismissed with prejudice, meaning they would not be re-filed. And now the Pavlins are suing the sheriff's department and numerous deputies in U.S. District Court. And they deserve to win their lawsuit.

Take a look at the charges against Henson:
A. By the Crystal Lake Police, Case 11CF001091
1. Burglary (Felony 2)
2. Criminal Trespass to Land (Misdemeanor)
3. Knowingly Damage Property (less than $300) (Misdemeanor)
Judge Zopp read Henson his rights on October 22; the next court date is October 31 with Judge Condon.

B. By the McHenry County Sheriff's Department: Case 11CF001093
1. Theft - unauthorized control < $500 (Misdemeanor)
2. Burglary (Felony 2)
3. Possess burglary tools (Felony 4)
4. Knowingly damage property ($300-$10,000) (Felony 4)
5. Criminal damage to government property (Felony 4) (this would be the squad car window) (Felony 4)
6. Felony escape from a peace officer (Felony 2)
Judge Weech appointed a public defender for Henson on October 21. Henson's court date in front of Judge Condon is October 31.

Will the reports of the deputies and other persons involved in Wednesday's arrest be complete and truthful? Will they be written independently, without coaching? Or will they "mesh" like gears of a fine Swiss watch in an effort to eliminate questions about what happened?

Supervisors and command personnel should be expected to demand that all deputies and officers who were involved to write complete, truthful, accurate reports of exactly what they know. Then those reports should be put side-by-side, so that investigators can attempt to determine exactly what happened.

If, as in some cases in the past, deputies have been assembled for the purpose of writing their reports, it will be much harder for the public to learn exactly what happened.


Anonymous said...

Fringer was the deputy. Heidemannn was the court security guard that was involved. You may remember the name John Heidemann. Look in to it.

Gus said...

Thanks, watchdiggitydog. Those were the names I got last week. Trying hard to look into it, and blocked at many turns.

It's definitely curious why the sheriff's department is so secretive about Fringer. How much cleaner it would have been just to come right out and say that Henson escaped from the squad car while Deputy Fringer was transporting him to the jail.

Now, as to Heideman's involvement, why is a court security officer involved? My understanding is that they are unsworn (i.e., not law enforcement certified), civilian employees who aren't supposed to be packing weapons off-duty. Was his law-enforcement certification withdrawn, when he was re-assigned to court security duty? Did he display a weapon during any "involvement" at the time of Henson's arrest on that Wednesday?