Friday, October 14, 2011

Sheriff indicted !!!

Calhoun County? Ever hear of it? It's right along the Mississippi River, southeast of St. Louis.

What's good about it? According to Wikipedia, "According to the TransUnion credit bureau Calhoun County is the only county in the United States to have a 0% delinquency rate on both credit cards and mortgages as of October 2008."

How big is it? There are 5,167 residents, as of the 2007 census. No report on how many dogs. Kind of made me think that if I had run for sheriff there and had gotten my 4,644 votes, I'd be Mr. Sheriff now. Whew! Dodged that one...

And now for the "other" stuff. County Sheriff Bill Heffington was indicted on September 29 by a county grand jury. All that The (Alton) Telegraph could report was that the "... charges allegedly relate to the sheriff's conduct during a July county board meeting.

That leaves a lot to the imagination; right? His attorney said the sheriff was indicted for "voicing an opinion." Remember that there, as in McHenry County, anyone accused is innocent until proven guilty. That's by a court, not by a newspaper.

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