Thursday, October 6, 2011

Uniformed "duty" at political rally

Cal Skinner has a good picture of Undersheriff Andy Zinke at a political rally at Port Edwards Restaurant in Algonquin. Be sure to go to and read the entire article.

Certain questions come to mind about the uniform.

Is it appropriate to a candidate for public office to wear his uniform to a political gathering where alcohol is served? Or at any political gathering?

The uniform denotes the officer is on duty, yet he is there in a non-official, off-duty role.

How did Zinke get there? Did his drive his MCSD take-home car there? How did he account for the mileage and at what rate? $0.55/mile reimbursement to the County?

How did his wife and child get there? Did his wife drive herself and the child there in her own car? General Orders of the sheriff's department forbid family members in department cars. (Of course, that didn't stop the Corrections Division's chief's wife from driving his take-home car to visit him in the hospital about 50 miles away. Was the County reimbursed for those miles?)

Did Zinke drink any alcohol at the function? Even if he didn't, the appearance of impropriety existed.

And did he notice anyone sloshed and heading for his car. Was anyone arrested for DUI after the event?

And besides, until further announcement, the office for which he is running won't even be vacant until December 1, 2014. Yeah, sure ...

Be sure to read Cal Skinner's four-part analysis, and then you decide when you think Zinke's real run for office will be. (Hint: it has already started.)

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